​​​​English as a Second Language Classes/​​

Citizenship Training

    Ferry Street Resource Center believes that helping people learn English and resolve their citizenship issues is the right thing to do for them, and for our community.  Living within language barriers, and in a continual and stifling fear of deportation, disengages people from our community.                

    Resolving their language and citizenship barriers enables them to communicate effectively with others, and frees them to become engaged in their neighborhoods, schools and workforce.  This comprehensive program will change our community by removing those barriers and fears.  By helping people become a productive part of our society without fear of being expelled from it, we are able to celebrate our ethnic diversity rather than let it divide us.

Mondays & Wednesday evenings

5:00 - 7:00

during the Niles Community Schools

school year

Call 269-687-9860 to enroll today.

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